Rachel’s Development Program is a non governmental Organization (NGO) started back in the year 2000 an officially registered in 2003 under the constitutional of the republic of Kenya.

The Organization started as a mercy ground of widows who had lost their husbands due to HIV/AIDS disease in Kenya. HIV was first diagnosised in Kenya in 1984 and then many people died for lack of awareness . the most affected were Men wholeft behind their wves and children, as a way to bereaved the diseased, women came together an formed the group, since they were from the same village.

Rachels Development was founded by Madam Rachel Wanjiru Muiruri who initiated an umbrella group ( Community Based Organization) bring together all groups from for they were targeting the same goal. E.g.Confort and way forward for their upkeep.

The CBO through the interaction and partneship with other organization, institutions, Ministry of health, cooperate companies and well wishers, assisted a lot in the awareness, acceptance, capacity building and also soliciting funds and materials for the bed ridden and the needy.

The burden grew wider as the disease had no cure and the infected as well as the affected continued to join the organization forcing the leaders of the organization to broaden their scope thus formin Rachels Development Program.

Rachels Development Program formed a children’s home with the help of then the member of parliament Hon. Patrick Kariuki Muiruri who donated an elevn acre piece of land where the home stands to date. By then, Dr, James Muiruri Ngángá Muiruri who was studying Law abroad partnered with the organization to fill the position of a consutant. Dr James brought a great impact to the organization since he also got involved in moulding and mentoring the girls at the children’s home and the neighbouring learning institutions.

We recal his speech in one of the many seminars where he told the students, “ I am not a doctor…. Like a medical doctor but a doctor of Philosophy and legal matters”.