Rachel’s Development Program is a non-governmental Organization (NGO) started back in the year 2000 an officially registered in 2003 under the constitutional of the republic of Kenya.

The Organization started as a merry ground of women and girls who had lost their loved ones due to HIV/AIDS disease in Kenya. HIV & AIDS was first diagnosed in Kenya in 1984 and then many people died for lack of awareness. the most affected were men who left behind their wives and children, as a way to bereave the deceased, women came together and formed the group, since they were from the same community.

The NGO through the interaction and partnership with other organization, institutions, Ministry of Health, cooperate companies and well-wishers, assisted a lot in the awareness, acceptance, capacity building and also soliciting funds and materials for the bed ridden and the needy.

Rachels Development Program started a children’s home 2004, to help the very needy with Education, Medical care, Food & other Basic needs

Over the years, we have engaged our girls in tree planting sessions to curb the Greenhouse gas emissions and as part of the climate change program

We also empower our girls in different fields to be self reliant