Sponsor a child

We are always looking for new sponsors to help some of the most vulnerable former street children in Thika to go back to school. Unfortunately the quality of free primary education remains very low in poor schools and secondary education continues to be expensive and un affordable for many.

How does RCH”s Child Sponsorship Programme support children?

RCH”s Child Sponsorship Programme supports children by –

* Providing access to boarding primary schools for children who cannot return home (because of child abuse and neglect).
* Providing access to secondary school, ensuring continued essential education beyond basic level.
* Improving their chances of accessing employment in the future.
* Increasing self esteem.
* Enabling them to become contributing members of society.

How will my RCH”s use my donation?

Using your donation RCH”s will provide the identified child with the following:

* School fees, registration fees, exam fees.
* School uniform and school expenses.
* Transport costs, allowing the child to return home during the school holidays.
* Termly visits from RCH”s Education Officer to ensure that each sponsored child is progressing well.

What will I receive from RCH”s
In exchange for your regular contribution, you will receive letters from your child during school holidays and updates on their progress, as well as photographs and copies of their school report. In addition you will have direct contact with the volunteer Sponsorship Coordinator in Kenya.